Summerland Photo Shoot

I have to say that these past few weeks have really become fidgety as the fall season is slowly making its way into Boston. The hard weather, riding boots, the apple cider… Just bring it on! So much for this when this pretty thing landed on me and it suddenly changed everything in an instant. Let’s just be honest here, can’t you just wish for the summer weather to stay a little bit longer when you look at these images made by Amber Campbell. Just feel the warm breeze of the air as depicted in this Summerland shoot when you click here.

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From Jill And Co. Events… The county of Santa Barbara has some of the most inspiring beaches off the coast and Summerland posed a perfect site for the photo shoot due to its charming Bohemian seaside. Amber has capture everything on film to perfection and it was such a refreshing feel from most of the digital details that I see. On the other hand, Elan Event Rentals have included stunning pieces to enhance the natural beauty of the place such as sweetheart table, cocktail tables, and a lounge space. All of the furniture used was made out of repurposed tea fences, recycled boats, and driftwood. They were all fitting for the beach shot.

The country and town table top pieces were placed parallel to each other along with plates made from clear glass to allow the natural elements to shine through. On the other hand the Dragonfly flatware matches the tall backs of the chairs surrounding the table to give off a sense of uniformity. For the floral elements, we wanted to have something fresh for the shoot so we collected succulents with air plants, but also having a hint of orange blooms to contrast the gloomy June weather that’s often seen in Santa Barbara. Beyond the conventional bouquets and boutonnieres, we also love the head piece that Anna had made for our bride for the day. We really wanted this piece to stand out with all the air plants and other blooms and it really was. This is really a fun item that brides can use in case they want to have more than one look for the wedding but lack the budget to buy a second dress. You can always make a quick change from the ceremony to the reception just by changing your hairstyle or adding a headpiece such as the one being used in the photo shoot. Brass has always been a great metal to work with and I want to see along with the tiers of the wedding cake.

T.E.A.M. Hair and Makeup did a magnificent job of maintaining the natural look of the model by putting light makeup. Her hair began as a beautiful braid that captured her entire face like a frame and it created natural waves when it was let down. It really complimented the headdress. Stone Cold Fox’s Bridal pieces were also being used in the shoot and they prove to be an integral part on most of the images. There are a lot of brides out there that wanted to have a romantic wedding even if the conventional bridal dresses are just simply not made for them. These pieces are made to fit especially during outdoor type of weddings. It was indeed a perfect shoot for the summer and we’re glad to do this with a magnificent team of vendors who turned this photo shoot into a success.

Event Design: Jill & Co. Events | Location: Summerland Beach | Tabletop Rentals: Town and Country Event Rentals | Cake: Your Cake Baker | Hair and Makeup: T.E.A.M Hair and Makeup | Dress: Stone Cold Fox |

Makena Maui Elopement

Maui weddings are always bound to be beautiful and that is a fact that you simply can’t deny. It’s postcard perfect from every detail and combined with the ever so talented Amber to take the pics, you officially got a wedding for the ages (with food trucks included)! Join me a we tak a look in to this “semi-elopement” kind of affair when you click here.

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From Amber… Kevin married Shuinn and there was no other place for them to do it than to have their wedding at the Chang’s Beach in Makena. The couple has somewhat semi-eloped – bringing just a select few of their family and friends and they had a nice ceremony which was conducted by Rev. Laki (He was on the Modern Family 2 seasons back).

The couple has flown kites for fun during their courtship and neither of them professed to be an expert kite-flier. They thought of having this at the ceremony to add a little bit of fun. Despite the lack of wind, they were still able to fly the kite up in the air. Kevin’s dad who is an engineer helped me a little bit to fly mine.

From the Bride… When me and Kevin were trying to make plans for the wedding all the details and the decisions were starting to overwhelm us. We suddenly felt lost over all of this and it doesn’t seem to feel like the normal ‘us’ anymore. So finally decided to restart the planning process and thought of being wed into a place where it’s warm and pretty (the planning happened in the middle of a chilly Chicago winter) while bringing together all of our loved ones and cherish the love we have for each other. We chose Maui because we heard that it’s a very enjoyable place and the place was seemed pre-selected for us already since we found Chang’s beach which is the best place to hold our wedding (Kevin and I have the same family names which was coincidentally named after the beach also).

Since then, all of the planning for the wedding became hassle-free despite the long distance. Laki Kaahumanu has truly embodied the Hawaiian awesomeness while Liz from Maui Makeup Artistry really treated me like a princess on that day. Flowers by Cora had managed to make beautiful leis and bouquets and the remarkable takes of the wedding were all done by the camera of Amber. The rest of the engagement could now be focused strengthening our love, going on fun trips, and just maintain the love for each other.

Even though the wedding turned out to be traditional in every sense, it was still able to represent both our chill and fun-loving personalities in a very inspiring way. And as a result, the whole event turned out to be a success and owe it all to the team who had made this possible. Right now, we are planning of going back to Maui in the future because the place has now become our sanctuary and it has given us a lot of beautiful memories.

Wedding Dress: Vera Wang | Bridesmaid Dresses: The Green Guide | Floral Design: Flowers by Cora | Officiant: Reverand Laki | Hair + Makeup: Maui Makeup Artistry | Reception Dinner: Sarentos on the Beach


Handmade Maui Elopement

1Happy Friday to all you lovelies out there! Today we’re heading off to Maui starting with this wonderful wedding affair of Candace and Mark which took place at an idyllic bay of this beautiful island getaway. The couple both wanted their day to be intimate and personal so they decided to tie the knot with only their 4 kids to witness them so that they could focused on this small family. And since the bride is a talented artist, she created some of these beautiful details like the watercolored invitations and the pretty paper and brooch bouquets. She went off to flea markets, checking out Etsy, and Ebay so that she could find the right items that she could work on. She loved mix and matching patterns to visually symbolize her and Mark’s one of a kind style. Thank you Amber Campbell Photography for these stunning pictures of the wedding!

Be sure to check back for more of this Maui fun and a recap of our stay at this island’s brand new resort which was really ideal for honeymoons and anniversaries!

6 2 3 4 5The Amber Campbell Photography was able to capture the perfect moments of the couple at their wedding. I really love these portraits of Candace and Mark as they happily stroll on these rocky Maui cliffside…

8 6 7From the Bride… I was able to create bouquets and boutonnieres with flowers made of papers that we got from the pages of the book that Mark and I used to read in the past. I also made classy knobs as well as hat pins, a brooch belonging to my grandma, and the crocheted mustard dollies which was made by my other grandma…

17 9 10 11 12 13 15 16Our shoes seemed to pose the greatest challenge at my wedding. Mark had already found a pair of shoe that he would wear at the wedding, but I wanted vintage t-straps in sky blue hues which I could paint on and I just couldn’t find them. Fortunately I was able to find a pair of footwear on Ebay and they were just right for my shoe size! I got them for only $9 by some who has sold it to me from Nashville. And when it got here, somebody wrote “Jesus Saves” on the sole using a magic marker.

21 18 19 20Our most favorite part of the wedding – Getting married again for the second time! Our Hawaiian musician also happened to be a minister. After our wedding ceremony, he suddenly gave us a blessing and got us married again in Hawaiian ceremony. It was all unplanned, but it was indeed magical and beautiful!

Candace 1920’s inspired dress was bought at Etsy and it was an easy find for her! It was a bit loose when she bought it (about 4 sizes big) so she had taken this dress to a skillful seamstress and had it altered. On the other hand, she got her pale pink floral designed headpiece from an antique mall.

282930313233Wedding advice – Learn to trust your instincts during the wedding planning and don’t ask for anyone for opinions and advice. Always remain true to what you have in mind and don’t care about what will other think about it.

Photography: Amber Campbell Photography | Floral Design: DIY by bride | Wedding Dress: Vintage on Etsy | Groom’s Shoes: Cole Haan | Bride’s Shoes: Ebay | Hair & Makeup: My daughter and step-daughter | Groom Tie:  Duchamp Wild Bouquet in Navy | Ceramic Pie Tins: Warrenfeltz Potter | Bridesmaid Dresses: Mod Cloth | Groom’s Mens’ Outfits: Ebay

Parisian Inspired Wedding

Consider this feature as your postcard from Paris through the beautiful place of San Francisco. It’s a snapshot of stunning, French inspired creations made by L’Relyea Events with floral arrangements provided by Max Gill Design, the prettiest of paper goodies courtesy of Little Words, modeling duties by Katie Nash, and the many glamorous and gorgeous images. And if you’re in the mood to have a mini photo shoot of your own, take a look at these nice photos at the gallery with plenty of stunning details. It’s full of champagne towers, macaron delights, and blush shaded details all rolled into a perfect day of photo shoot. See all the images when your click here.



171819202122From the photographer… The city of Paris is my home. I moved in to California over the course of time, but Paris will always remain a place next to my heart. When I walk around the City Hall at San Francisco, the architectural design of the building strongly reminds of my home town. I can imagine the Les Tuileries gates along with the stunning gardens and the magnificent structural design. Lindsey also has an overwhelming love for Paris. When we collaborated for a photo shoot, we thought of making an ultimate romantic wedding that we would hope to see in Paris. The scooter detail was a must for the shoot as well as the table set for two, the macarons, the whimsical dress, the “Thank You” postcards that contained classical images of Paris, the cakes, and the floral arrangements that was made by Max Gill Design. All of these details were essential in depicting a natural feel of the Parisian mood. We wanted to imbibe the distinct romantic essence of the place even though everything was taken in here. All of the details added represent the typical things that you see in Paris, so they should all be included in the pictures to create that certain European style that you can only seen in the city of Paris. The photo shoot went and everything was taken on film. We had such a great time working with the team and everything went smoothly as possible. And as a result, all of the photos came out as perfect as they were expected to be. The stylish Parisian elements really exude the unique romantic feel of the place as if we have taken all the shots in the city of love itself. Truly, we can say that we had a “la vie en rose” for a day and really enjoyed it.

From Lindsey Relyea… My inspiration from the shoot was derived from my obsession of France as well as my engagement in Paris which happened just recently. I see the hints of French and Parisian influence here in North Carolina through their romantic gardens and dramatic architectural designs. I wanted to highlight the use of soft pastels during the photo shoot to add a touch of sophistication and have fun the way the French way. The city hall in San Francisco was truly a remarkable backdrop for the whole activity though nothing could top the Eiffel Tower.

I dreamed of having a wedding in Paris with the Eiffel Tower on the background, strolling through the Jardin de Luxemburg while drinking champagne, and riding off the sunset with our Vespa scooters and on our way to the gardens for dinner.

Wedding Gown: Novella Bridal | Cake Designer: Cake Coquette | Event Stylist and Design: L’Relyea Events | French Macarons: Dominique Sweets | Linens: La Tavola Linen | Makeup and Hair : Katie Nash | Models: Dara Kain and Alex Eckhart | Paper Artisan: Three Little Words

Wedding @ Big Sur

For the record, I would like to say that the Big Sur area that is featured in this wedding story is one of the most beautiful wedding locations I have ever seen so far. And by that, I mean EVER! It’s captivating in every sense and it was made even more stunning by this wedding. The images of this occasion were carefully taken by Amber Campbell. It’s just one of those wedding soirees that will surely take your breath away. Take a look at the pictures when you click here.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20From Amber Campbell… Steve wore his custom made suit and matched with tie while Krissy donned her red lips and white wedding dress for the day. The bride was really at the peak of her emotions and you can noticed this when she was about to enter the ceremony and take her walk down the aisle. She paused for a moment and took a very deep breath before launching herself into the walkway and took her graceful entrance. I have been to many weddings in the past, but this is the one event that I will surely not forget that easily.

As the guests arrived in the area, they were greeted by the ever handsome groom’s men who were also having a great time at the celebration playing corn-holes, bocci ball, and some of the other lawn games that they like. The greeting was very wholesome and all the guests signed in to the couple’s custom guestbook that also came with a Polaroid and some encouraging words of wisdom.

The sun was about to set when Krissy took her walk. She was charming on the aisle as she marched forward into the altar with her so-called bottomless sandals which is also known as ‘barefoot jewelry’. And while the bride was having her moment at the ceremony, you would also notice Steve being proud of her as he stares at his beautiful bride with a beaming look on his face. The entire ceremony was officiated by their friend who happened to be one of the bridesmaids at the wedding as well. This was very special for the couple in the sense that the one hold the wedding was also a person that’s very close to both of their hearts. The couple was surrounded by most of their friends and loved ones at the wedding that came from different parts of the globe. The wedding took place in the West Coast part of California where the whole area has a scenic view of the Pacific Ocean. It was indeed a blessing to be a part of this wedding as I got to see one of the beautiful spots where you can hold a wedding ceremony in the United States.

As souvenirs for the guests, the couple had coffee mugs as wedding favors while the blooms were courtesy of a local florist. As for the menu, the food served was perfect of the summer and it also includes 6 different flavors of wedding cakes from Whole Foods. The couple’s friends gave out speeches for Steve and Krissy as they were all reminiscing all the good times they shared together and the whole celebration ended as the couple was headed off to their surprise honeymoon.

Flowers: Kate Healey | Wedding Coordinator: A Big Sur Affair | Wedding Dress: The Green Guide | DJ/Guitarist: Steve Ezzo | Venue: Point 16